Effectively Using Instagram Giveaways for Boosting Followers


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Everyone loves free stuff. People tend to attract to places or offers which provide discounts or free stuff. However, the aspect is not limited to the market only in the present scenario. In this digital world, social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., are also offering attractive discounts and giveaways to attract more and more users towards their particular brand or community, this will help to gain more Instagram followers. The technique of giveaway has massively enhanced the quality of the market revenues. Promoting such giveaways on the Instagram handle is also a great way to improve and enhance your fan base in an effective way.

How Instagram Giveaways Works?

Instagram promotions refer to time-limited contests organized by different entities such as companies, brands, or influencers with the goal of expanding their fan base. These contests involve offering prizes that can range from valuable items to everyday essentials. By engaging in these giveaways, users, followers, and brands or influencers interact with one another. To participate and have a chance to win the prizes, users are typically required to complete simple tasks or meet specific criteria. In summary, Instagram Giveaways serve as a highly effective method for enhancing the reputation of brands, companies, and influencers, while also cultivating a dedicated and loyal following. Overall, Instagram Giveaways are a great way to boost the reputation and gather a loyal fan base for the brands, companies, and influencers.

Why Should You Conduct Instagram Giveaways?

Instagram Giveaways could be conducted for various reasons like accomplishing a particular achievement or for promotion purposes. However, two primary reasons why they occur:

  • For specific sharing of a post to a wide range of users.
  • For rapidly enhancing the number of Instagram followers.

Whatsoever the reason may be, these Instagram giveaways could help you gain quality recognition and reputation in these densely competitive social media platforms.

Why Should One Give Things for Free in a Giveaway Content? 

It is quite a valid question in terms of the brand promoters or the influencers: why should they give their belongings to their followers for free. The fact is that these kinds of giveaways could help the brands or influencers gain a reputation in the market and amongst the followers. Due to these kinds of events, more and more users take interest in participating in such contests. It ultimately helps the brand promoters to reach a broader range of users across Instagram and gain more and more followers.

Steps to Run an Instagram Giveaway

Several aspects need to be followed or looked upon to conduct an Instagram giveaway successfully. Some of the critical elements for running an Instagram giveaway is here below:

  • Opting for an Ideal Prize for Giveaway It is an important segment of the Giveaway. The marketers, brands, or influencers must opt for the ideal prize as a giveaway to target the desired part of the audience. Moreover, the award should be valuable, as it creates a sense of desire in the users’ minds, and more and more users across the platform would participate in the giveaway. Thus, choosing the ideal prize is one major step for conducting a giveaway.

Deciding the Criteria for Being Eligible for the Giveaway

This step also holds significant importance in terms of the giveaway. The influencers should determine the criteria so that more and more users can participate in the giveaway. So eligibility criteria are also important for targeting more and more audiences and converting them into followers.

  • Choosing the period of the Giveaway The decision regarding how long the giveaway will last is an essential factor in the audience registering for the contest. Since the audiences may not belong to the same country or the time zone, the marketer, brands, or the influencers should opt for a period under which more and more audiences across various time zones or the globe could participate. It plays a deciding role in broadening the range from target-specific or zone-specific audiences to a more extensive range of audiences across Instagram
  • Creating an Alluring Post for the Giveaway Attractive posts are the most important aspect for attracting many users and audiences across Instagram for participating in the giveaway. Vibrant shades, strong image, and clarity in the giveaway post are very much necessary. Better the quality of the post in terms of design and looks, the more audiences would get attracted to it. Placing the image of the prize in the post would also insist more and more users follow the brand or the influencer. This technique is very much effective in boosting Instagram followers rapidly.
  • Creating Reminder Posts for constantly reminding the Audiences The Reminder posts play a significant role in reminding the audiences about the time to announce the winner of the giveaway. Since the promotional posts come in Instagram stories, they get disposed of within 24 hours. So, to remind the audience frequently and to insist them in applying for the contest, the reminder posts play a vital role.
  • Choosing the Winner for the Giveaway It is one of the most crucial and tedious tasks in terms of the brands or the influencers. They should completely tally the stats of the users and choose the winner wisely. They should opt for a system such that the process is fair.
  • Spreading the News of the Giveaway Winner By declaring and spreading the news of the giveaway winner, the influencers could also promote and thank the other users for participating in the contest and giving a sense of joy to the winner of the contest.These are critical steps or aspects that need to be correctly executed by the brands or the companies. More and more promotion and enhancement of the followers on Instagram is possible via these giveaways.

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