How To Sell Through Instagram Posts?


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You know social media is blooming days and had become one of the best places for marketing and selling products. One such famous platform is Instagram which is quite much popular for shoppable posts these days. So today we would be discussing a few things about Instagram shoppable posts and how does Instagram can help your business to expand. There would be a few insights what you should do so that you shoppable Instagram can fetch you better result. Some of the important tips are mentioned below.

How to shop with Instagram posts

You will find a small bag icon in Instagram which are designated for shoppable posts. When user scroll over a product feed they get a tap to view option and a product pop up in the bottom left corner of the screen. Seldom you can see a small white circle with a sort of shopping bag icon. If you want to identify a shoppable post then you can easily identify it because of a small shopping bag icon at the top right corner of the post image. So, you can just tap and view the product and other relevant details. A pop up will appear which will include the price and name of the product. When a user taps the post then another page is opened with the enlarged image of the product. There can be multiple products in the icon image.

How can sellers sell with shoppable posts?

It is not very different from any other website and much similar to Facebook marketplace. A large number of business owners are given straight access to shoppable posts in Instagram. To be there a seller on Instagram you need to complete a few steps before you can really start selling. You just have to sign up for Instagram seller and you are good to go. You can add payment account to your seller account.

Preparing your Instagram account for business

This is one of the important steps which you should consider before you can really start selling any product in Instagram. First thing is that you check that your Instagram app is updated. Now you have to first set up an account on shopify with all the relevant details. After that you can connect your Facebook page with your shopify account. This would help you to get more audience and linking everything is really good for the business. You should definitely have product catalogue on your Facebook page. If you are confused somewhere then don’t be because there are too many videos in YouTube for guidance. Then you have to choose the product category. There are lot of categories so better make the selection right.

How to market your product well

It is one of the essential things that can really boost your sales alone you should always post with the image of the product. So that people can see your product try to use different images from different angles.

These steps will definitely help you in selling of your product.

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