11 Best Marketing Tips for Instagram by Social Media Experts


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If you are in search of some easy yet effective plans to boost your social media marketing, then I may be going to be useful for you. Jot it down that Instagram can help like nothing has done before. It is a hot channel of today.

Having doubts? Well, just take a bit of time and observe your surroundings for a while. You will see almost everyone tapping away on their mobiles or laptops – ask them what keeps them occupied. The most common reply you are going to receive is – INSTAGRAM.

Coming to my surroundings, there are friends, family members, colleagues and so many other people, mostly all of them are cruising and using Instagram.Believe it or not, Instagram is the thing for today.

It has replaced its elders, and today a multitude of people are using it with great enthusiasm.So, does it mean everybody is active on the app? No, not every single person, but consider the fact that a lot of them are using it. Surveys show that around a billion people are loving Instagram.Scroll out the web and learn the power of Instagram promotions and contests and you will be left mesmerized. If you want to bounce on the fact that how to boost your social media marketing, then you can stick here for a few more minutes.There is a whole new lot of audience which can facilitate your campaign in a great way. All you need to have is the right knowledge and skill to use Instagram for Social Media Marketing.

I have collected a few ideas of marketing of successful Instagram experts. After researching to a length in the bio and blogs of Instagram authors, bloggers and leaders of companies, I have gathered a little goldmine.

Here is the secret to success of Instagram experts:

1. Optimize the bio in an appropriate manner

  • “Design a bio which is informative enough to explain everything about you. Make sure there is an informal avatar which eye-catching and has the capacity to allure whoever who sees it.
  • When a person lands on your bio, it should tell all about your business in a few words. For doing so, you will have to bring creativity in your bio.
  • Also, your bio must attract strangers; you should include industry keywords for that.”
  • This is the sneak peek to the success idea of Sue B, Zimmerman, Blogger and trainer

2. Use that Bio link in a wise manner

The next thing is by Nathan Chan, and it is about using bio aptly. Yes, your bio is important. But, using it in the right way is vital too. Have a strong call to action to use this section to its best. A bio includes 150 characters, make the best use of these 150 characters. An eye-catchy, short, snappy call to action is needed.

Nathan Chan, Founder

3. Authenticity is the key

Authentic content will always take you to a better place. You will always get new and better opportunities to excel. Don’t go for professional pictures; some quick snaps with crappy lighting will work more and better for you. Do remember that user-generated content works really well.

Jim Belosic, ShortStack

4. Use the hashtags right

When it comes to Instagram, hashtags can be your best friends. You can consider them as keywords. They do the same thing what keywords do.

The app makes it easier for users to find out new or unfamiliar things, or new people when they use hashtags. Find out the right hashtags for every new post.

Ariel Rule, Blogging Wizard Contributor

5. Carry out contests

Contests are the key to get success on Instagram. They give a lot of entertainment to the users, and this is why they make you famous. For carrying out contests, you should go for gamification. Involving your targeted audience or community in a contest is one of the best ways to build your market.

Kim Walsh Phillips, Author of Ultimate Guide to Instagram for business

6. Do the optimization of stories

Benjamin Chacon always recommends using hashtag stickers and location in the stories. Try to make them engaging so that they may involve more and more people. This might end up on the Explore page.

Benjamin Chacon, Later

7. Post Albums

The next is from Jenn Herman, the top tip she has to share from her store is to give a boost to social media marketing on Instagram is – Post albums.Even if you are generating awesome stories on your Instagram, you will still wish you could share more of it with the regular Insta audience. You can do the same by taking out the best posts and stories and refold them into an album and then put it in your profile.

Jenn Herman, Jennstrends

8. Spotlight the customers

Spotlight the potential customers and followers, even the non-followers, by doing so, you can actually enhance your engagement. When you tag people in a caption or a post, a notification is sent to each of them. Usually when people get notified they check out the relevant page for sure.

Constantina Kokenes, Social Media Today Contributor

9. Run advertisements

As per Forrester, Ads on Instagram have the capacity to take you to the highest engagement rate of all the contemporary digital ad placements. It means that at times you could pay a bit more for 1,000 impressions or a click and still come up as a winner.

Instagram Advertising Guide, Aggregate

10. Share testimonials and reviews

The testimonials of customers and reviews have a lot of credibility in themselves. If you are gaining good testimonials and reviews from your customers or some of them have issued letters of appreciation, this is the best you can get. Post some or all of them on your Instagram profile.

Andrew Thompson, Doz contributor

11. Go live

There are a number of brands using Instagram live, and there is an array of reasons for doing so. It gives you a medium to strengthen and boost your connection with your own followers. This will surely keep your audience in the loop regarding your brand.

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