An Instagram Content Plan for Service Based Business


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Is your business makes available services? Are you searching for ways to make Instagram work for you? Then let’s find ways to plan and create Instagram posts that can assist your service-based businesses develop a strong visual appeal.

Outline Your Content Mix 

For service based business, social media is the platform to create connections. The idea should be to help, provide value and extend the brand value of the business that could encourage people to relate with you and your business.

To achieve such goals, you can simply tell a story of nine squares in connection to your Instagram feed. Here’s how you can do that-

  • Post 4 posts to give value and assist your clients.
  • 3 posts should be directed to towards creating connections.
  • And 2 posts should be used for promoting and sell the service of your business.

Thus, this content can assist you create and maintain an ideal association with your followers while enabling them to get to know about your while still not letting them have a view that you are promoting your services.

Plan and Develop Posts that could generate value 

To dispense value, the posts that your create should be able to educate, inform as well as entertain the audience.

Here’s how you can create value using these three elements in your posts.

  • Educate with tips on general problems, extend expertise on popular topics and share insights.
  • Entertain your audience through humor and by sharing and posting content that is witty, tactical and funnily popular.
  • You can inspire your audience with the help of quotes in your posts. Quotes are used by majority of marketers to influence people how they think and act.

Plan a minimum of 3 Posts that associate with your audience 

There should be a minimum of three posts in your Instagram that should be able to assist your targeted user group to relate to your services based business and connect with your brand personality.

Follow the examples given below to incorporate these aspects in your Instagram Content-

  • Showcase the culture of your company with the posts
  • Tell a story about your business to express the brand personality of the business.

Create 2 Posts to Sell Your Service – Make sure to atleast dedicate 2 posts to promote your service in Instagram. 2 posts are sufficient as Instagram is not a platform for selling. It is primarily a platform to create and maintain a brand identity particularly for businesses that are service based. So, marketers should understand that it is vital and in their best interests to form relationships with their audience before they are going to sell.

Develop your Visual Assets – Once the themes of Instagram content are ready, you can simply create appealing images to compliment the posts. Make sure to get images of your product or service that are high quality and have been captured by professional photographers. Make sure to not use blurred or unprofessional photographs as it can impact your promotions significantly.

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