Tools For Increasing Your Instagram Bio Links


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What to do if you want more links on your Instagram bio? If you want that you can share multiple links through your Instagram profile? Then there are certain tools available by deploying these tools you can easily click on your Instagram bio. This article will discuss some of the apps and methods which can help you place more links in Instagram bio.

Some of the below mentioned solutions will help you to add multiple or more than one link in Instagram bio.

  1. Linktree helps you promote up to 5 links from Instagram account – Linktree is a very compact and easy to implement option which can help you in placing up to 5 links on Instagram bio. This tool will help you in generating a customized link that you can include in your Instagram profile. When any one clicks or taps on the link they will be redirected to a page which shows multiple options or it can be multiple links.However, there is a limit that you can only share upto 5 links you can also make buttons on the redirect page so that it could be more convenient to choose for the audience. The other thing your linktree profiled will be linked with Instagram which makes your social circle bigger. Linktree has both free and paid versions.
  1. Linkbio – is also quite much same like linktree but with one major difference that it works for client Instagram profiles. If you are using free version then you can get unlimited links but they are not the same as branded URL of linktree. generates a random unique URL. However, if you want to have a custom URL then you have to choose premium monthly or pro lifetime plan. These plans provide you additional provides better option when it comes to client-based Instagram accounts. The link bio provides you better and cheaper options. The best thing is that you can manage client links without the need of their Instagram passwords. It is quite easy to use too and you just need to go to website and also gives you option to choose a image to represent with every link you want inside the page.
  1. .Link in Profile – Like the other two this also points you to specific page from your Instagram profile. This page will contain your links. The link in profile also gives the option of adding images with every link. This helps the audience to better understand the links. It is very good if you want to add a pic with every link.

The process fairly easy and you can just be done with it in a few minutes. The only one drawback of link in profile is that it only offers you 30 days of free trial period. After the expiry of this period you have to choose a premium plan. You can start a free trial just by visiting website and logging in by your Instagram profile.

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