Must Follow Instagram Marketing Suggestions for your Business


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If your business isn’t on Instagram till now, then you better have a good reason for doing so. No matter you are a brand or small merchandiser, if you want people to know your products, then it’s time to make an Insta account.It is too famous to be ignored. Your products lie in the hands of your buyer through their phones. For a lot of business, online sale is vital and Instagram is one heck of a thing to popularize and sell your stuff. Hence, this brings in the need to know about Instagram marketing strategies for a good profit. Here are some must-follow Instagram marketing strategies for your brand.

Know Your Audience

No matter what marketing strategy you use, if it doesn’t reach the target buyer, then it’s a fail! So, take time to know your audience and use marketing strategies accordingly.

How can you know more about your potential customers?

Facebook is the owner of Instagram and they use same measures to allow users of the image network. It gives you an insight about the people following you. These comprise of:

  • Impressions: The number of times your content was seen.
  • Reach: How many unique accounts witnessed your content.
  • Website click: Number of clicks your business profile got.
  •  Follower activity: How many active followers you have.
  • Views on videos: How many times your videos are seen.
  • Saves: Number of post which have been saved.

If you want appeal and attract new Instagram users, you should know what attracts them. Keep a check on your keywords. It means the hashtags you have created. See the image and content design and styles which have been popular before.

Lastly, keep an eye on how Instagram users respond to your content, so that you can alter it and make it better.

2. Speak to them not at them!

Social media marketing doesn’t just mean to sell your products; it is more about trying to engage with the followers.It presents a more human image of your company. Also, the more shares and comments you receive on your content, the simpler it gets to find out what users are looking for. Instagram suggests higher engagement. Here are some ideas to encourage interaction:

  • Share their feedback and images: It makes the audience feel that their preferred brand is listening to them and thus build a positive image for your company.
  • Organize contest: Another way to interact with your audience is by holding contest. People like to respond to a healthy competition. You can hold contests about “Caption this image” or “Tell us how you feel”, etc.

3. Choose relatable hashtags

Hashtags allows you to categorize and organize your images and videos. It is a great idea to tag your content so that your followers can easily find it. If you want people to search your content easily, use hashtags.

Some of the things to keep in mind while using hashtags are:

a)       Do not overdo.

b)      Avoid overusing tags.

c)       Do not spam

You have two types of hashtags to consider for your content:

a)       General hashtags

b)      Branded hashtags

4.       Know the right time to post

As per a recent poll, it has been found that the best time to post on Insta is in the eve. So, just post all your content near this timeline.

However, you do not literally have rely on the poll. Try to find out the time when max audience engages in your post and find a time when your target audience is paying attention. Some of the time when users are literally free are:

a)       Non-working hours (lunch and eve)

b)      Weekends

c)       Wednesdays and Thursdays are appealing

d)      3-4 pm is bad for engagement.

5.       Go for attractive visuals

Posting appealing content is very important for social media marketing. It keeps the brand engaged with the audiences and makes them keep coming back for more.

Share links, interesting blogs, pictures and videos. Make sure what you include on Instagram is eye-catching as 93% of the decisions depends on the visual appearance of the product. Hence, perfect images are crucial.

You can make your content interesting by:

a)       Choosing a theme

b)      Change the subject, style and content

c)       Go for user-generated content.

d)      Use available tools for help.

6.       Include call-to-action

Calls to action informs the user what you desire them to do. Whether you want the users to visit their site, buy their product, download content, you have to be clear. Instagram allows one link- in your bio. So, you cannot include more links in comment, caption or image.

Some of the strategies developed by marketers are:

a)       Link in bio: If you have one link, then you need to make your users click on it. A simple method to ask them click is by saying for more info: click the link in your bio.

b)      Like vs comment: Conduct polls and ask your followers to vote by using comment or like. It is a great way to engage more and more audience.

7.       Post Stories

If you are on Instagram, then you would be knowing what Stories feature is. It allows user to see several post in a row. It is a great gift for marketers. You can convey your full message in just one post via a string of images.

The images run like a slideshow and gets erased after 24 hours. As the images are full screen, you can see comments of other users and caption. Make sure you offer something different and unique. Be informal and concentrate on the narrative.

8.Join hands with influencers

If you know the VIPs of your industry, then their words have a good say with buyers. It enhances your Instagram presence and increases sales. Their endorsement is just all you need for a brand recognition.

Get influencers who have a suitable audience base. They should have a history of influencing people’s decisions.

So, if you have got familiar with the above mentioned Instagram marketing strategies, then it’s time to make it work for your brand. Use the above guidelines and set your account accordingly now.

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