Top 10 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers for your Business


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Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that enjoys extensive usage worldwide. Recognized as an effective tool for generating profitable website and landing page traffic, it stands out as the premier choice. It offers significant advantages in building an active and involved audience for businesses, thereby boosting conversion rates. If your business account has been struggling to attract followers, you’ve landed in the right spot. We present a comprehensive and invaluable guide that outlines the best strategies for increasing your Instagram followers specifically for business purposes. You need to follow a robust approach and a bundle of tips for the same. Have a look at some of them below: 

Maintain a content calendar 

Many businesses miss out on the perfect posting time of their content. It is one of the most common mistakes that the majority of companies make. It would help if you made a regular posting schedule. You need to follow some consistency in the way you post your content. Whether you are posting it once or twice a day, make sure you are regular in that. Having a proper schedule is essential for you to maintain your brand’s identity in people’s minds. 

Optimization is the key.

Prior to commencing content creation on your Instagram account, it is crucial to ensure its optimal setup. Take the time to refine your Instagram handle, incorporating a concise and engaging bio, along with a relevant profile image and a suitable username. This will effectively establish your brand’s identity and provide viewers with valuable context. Remember to incorporate a hyperlink to your website within your brand’s bio, as this serves as a highly effective method for generating significant traffic to your website. Additionally, it is important that your username is easily searchable and aligned with your actual brand name.

Schedule your content posting well in advance

If you post at the right time, it will become easier for your uploads to gain more overall engagement. There are many tools online to help you schedule all your uploads well in advance. This way, it would become for you and your team to see and analyze your whole campaigns efficiently. It would also assist your Instagram to handle reaching a vast audience and maintaining a consistent flow of content every day. 

Say NO to fake Instagram followers.

Yes, your Instagram account might seem to be good if it has abundant fake followers! But did you know that there are many shortcomings of having fake followers on your Instagram account? They dominate the perks that you can gain from organic follower growth. Fake followers would lead to a decrease in your account’s credibility. Apart from that, you can never expect comments, likes, or views from your counterfeit followers, nor will they get any ROI for you. 

Flaunt your IG handle everywhere

Your target audience is not going to find you if you are not promoting your Instagram handle anywhere. Thus, you need to mandatorily list your Instagram account and other social media handles on your website. The key to getting discovered by your potential followers is to create your brand’s visibility. Add all your social media buttons wherever possible, and this would indeed promote your business in no time. 

Work with influencers and get partners. 

You need to get in front of your target audience and be present on your Instagram and others. You can get associated with various influencers and other people to promote your account. Apart from that, you can also rely on Instagram contests such as giveaways to gain more followers. Always ensure that you are uploading user-friendly and relevant content to your audience’s interest. Start making new ways for collaborations and gain genuine followers with no shortcomings. 

Always post relatable content.

Keep yourself in the place of your followers and learn what they want to see. You should be well aware of what your audience expects from you and make sure you are posting what they want. A post that your audience could quickly relate to shall perform better than the others. Whether in your image, captions, hashtags, or filters, every minor detail can make a big difference. Always keep an eye on the various new Instagram trends and keep on applying them to your content. 

Search for convertible hashtags

One of the most essential and highly effective tips to get more followers on Instagram would be the usage of hashtags. They are pretty helpful in extending your brand’s social reach. It would help if you found the hashtags which are not that popular. Always find those hashtags which are relevant to the interests of your target audience. You should not only understand the importance of hashtags but also understand how to use them. 

Focus on building customer relationships

You don’t have to update your social media content just for the sake of updating it. Instead, while posting, you need to keep your audience’s engagement and interests in view. Post some content that could bring a smile to your followers’ faces. Try to maintain a connection with them. You can do this by posting memes, exciting photos, inspirational content, etc. The main motive behind your posts should be to give a mental break to the followers from their overall monotonous routine. 

Learn Instagram’s algorithm

A lot of users got worried about the sudden shift of the chronological feed to the ranked timeline. However, it meant change for something good. Since that time, most Instagram handles have witnessed an increase in their followers by 50%. If you learned how to utilize the Instagram algorithm, and that shall indeed be the finest assistance. 


If you want steady growth of your Instagram followers, you need to follow the tips mentioned above. While you are maintaining your Instagram strategy, remember to mark pointers. Scheduling posts consistently and planning your whole Instagram schedule is vital! Make sure you are indulging in the same while intending to improve your IG handle’s reach. 

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