3 Ninja Tips to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Leads

A lot of individuals and businesses have been struggling a lot in gaining followers for their Instagram accounts. Instagram is no longer solely a social networking site. Instead, it has become a hub of marketers, influencers, and businesses intending to promote themselves. No doubt, Instagram is the best platform to reach out to your massive audience, but gaining fame there requires much effort. Earlier, people used Instagram to connect with their friends. Now, this platform is primarily for searching for any brand and following the same. If you intend to increase the number of followers in your Instagram account, there are two ways to follow- organic and paid. Before commencing your Instagram marketing journey, make sure you read our top-notch guide that shares the secret of gaining more followers in just seven steps. Read on further to know more. 1. Engaging content is a must. The first step towards attaining more followers is ensuring that your content is as attractive as it can be. You need to focus on gaining your audience's engagement, and there are various ways to do that. Some of them are here: • Make sure you are uploading more video content rather than just written material. According to several surveys, the content with videos and images has a more significant probability of grabbing attention. • You should always curate your social media content that your audience can relate to. For this, you would have to first learn about your target audience and what they expect from you. • Usage of the right and good quality hashtags can help you grab your audience's attention and subsequent followers. 1. Post scheduling Now that you have accumulated engaging content for your audience, you can move on with post scheduling. Whether you want your plan to be weekly or monthly, the decision relies on you! All that matters is the time when you are posting it. There isn't a specific time for posting content since it varies depending on the industry you are serving. 1. Make a compiled list of relatable accounts. After finalizing your posting schedule, you can now prepare a list of all the companies working similar to your field. For example, if you have a fashion brand, try listing many fashion bloggers with the same target audience as yours. While comparing those brands with yours, you need to notice the frequency of their posts, which posts are getting significant likes, and how they engage their audience. 1. Follow your competitors' audience. Once you have maintained a whole list of similar accounts, start checking their followers' list. Make sure you are following their followers. It is because those people will be your target audience since they have an interest in a field similar to yours. We recommend you to go slow and steady since following more than 100 people per day can suspend your Instagram account. 1. Comment and like your competitors' followers posts Getting followers is all about connecting and engaging with as many people as you can. Thus, you should start liking and commenting on the posts of your competitors' followers. With this activity, they would start noticing you, and also, they might check out your Instagram account. If everything goes well, and just in case they find your account interesting, they will surely start following you too. It is among the simplest ways to get you more followers for your Instagram account. 1. Be a part of engagement groups. There are many engagement groups on Instagram where the participants intend to support each other by exchanging likes and comments. For example, if any group member posts something new, the other members would surely like, follow, and comment on the same. The bigger the group, the better would be your chances to gain more followers. The best part is that their response is spontaneous. They will like and comment the moment you upload your posts. It is one of the most sorted ways to gain more Instagram followers with no issues. 1. Maintain consistency Consistency is the key to getting more and more followers. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above regularly. You need to do it with patience. Gaining an organic audience takes time, and thus, you'll have to continue your practices until you start getting results. Following these tips would help you end up with more followers without spending even a single penny. Conclusion An organic increase in your followers would not only save your money but also get you a high-quality audience. Such an audience can transform from a potential lead to a client. Stay ready to invest your time in these activities to gain favorable results.

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Are you struggling to get followers and leads on Instagram? In today’s show and post I will show you 3 ninja strategies to optimize your Instagram profile that will get you leads with speed, pleasure, and ease! Make sure to share this with your team as this will help them.

Become an INSTA-Authority!

How would you like to be able to use images to move people to fall in love with your brand and buy your stuff? One of the best places to post viral images is on Instagram. You’ve heard it said that pictures are worth a thousand words. Outside of video, images are the most shared status updates on any social media network. Pictures have the power to move people.

My friend and Instagram expert April Marie Tucker created a course that will help you do just that. April is a single mother of 3 who went from broke cocktail waitress to enrolling over 700 people into her business using Instagram.

April has three very active kids as you can see in the photograph to the left. Best part is, she did built a 6 figure business while spending time with them.

I’ve gone through her training and using her simple strategies now have a following of over 20,000 on Instagram. It just plain works.

Your Key to Success on Instagram

I’m going to give you a simple formula to achieve success on Instagram. If you embrace this formula you will never run out of people to talk to and you will write your own paycheck.

It’s not the number of followers on Instagram that gives you success. It’s having an ENGAGED audience. 

With that said, here’s the formula

BA + EA + SA = FF

You must first BUILD and ENGAGE your audience before you sell to your audience. Instagram is one of the best social media networks to build and engage your audience.

In order to build and engage your audience on Instagram you must focus on your Instagram profile.

3 Tips to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Most people ignore their Instagram Profile, which is the most important piece of real estate on Instagram. It allows you to create a compelling picture for why people need to pay attention to you.

Here are three simple tips to optimizing your Instagram account to increase your followers and leads.

Tip #1: Describe Who You Are and What You Do

People need to read your profile and know exactly what you do. Be playful and fun describing yourself. 

Have one line for each description and use emojis. Why? Two reasons.

First, emojis make your profile stand out. Second, your Instagram profile has a character limit and having emojis can save you character space, especially with big words.

Tip #2: Have a Call to Action

Have a short description using a combination of text and emojis telling people what you want them to do. People like to be told what to do.

Can you spot my call to action in my Instagram Profile above?

Tip #3: Have a URL in Your Profile

This is where I screwed up BIG TIME when I first got started on Instagram. I initially put the link to my blog in my Instagram profile and lacked leads. 

My friend and Instagram expert April Marie Tucker told me that’s a big NO-NO on Instagram. Watch this video to know why you shouldn’t and what you should have instead.

Instagram Profile – Final Thoughts

Wasn’t that helpful? What was your biggest takeaway optimizing your Instagram Profile? 

Let’s keep the discussion going!

Did this help you? If so, leave a comment below and share it with your friends on Facebook.

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