17 Innovative Techniques to Gain Followers on Instagram


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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in present times. It is a great platform to showcase your moments and gather substantial fan followers. Celebrities and influencers from all across the globe use Instagram to share their valuable moments with their followers. The football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed celebrity on Instagram. He has 451 million followers on Instagram. As ordinary people, we also aspire to gain some followers on Instagram. Here we will discuss some unique and proven techniques to achieve a massive fan following on Instagram.


Posting Reels along-with Content

 The concept of reels and shorts on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., is admired and followed by the users. Reels are entertaining short videos that are ideal for engaging with your followers. So, posting some reels along with the Content can boost your follower count on the platform. 


Cross Promotion of your Content

 Cross Promotion is a popular technique that many celebrities and influencers follow. In the cross-promotion technique, the contents are posted on multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., along with Instagram. As a result of cross-promotion, it will attract more social media users to a particular creator or influencer. It will ultimately end up boosting your follower count.


Collaborate with Brand Ambassadors

 Collaborating with the brand ambassadors can play a pivotal role in increasing your follower count. Brand ambassadors are the people who assist beginners and newbies in growing on social platforms. A simple shout-out by an ambassador can significantly boost the growth of your followers’ list on Instagram. 


Associate your account with the Feature Accounts

Feature accounts are the accounts that post the best kinds of Content on a particular domain or niche. Based on the theme of your profile, collaborate with such feature accounts. They will surely assist you in gaining more followers on Instagram by adding links to your content on their profile. It is a popular way of attracting more followers to a particular account. 


Using the Perfect Hashtags

 Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram. These hashtags help the users get featured on multiple pages worldwide. So, it is always advisable to add hashtags based on your Content. Adding perfect hashtags to your Content will surely enhance the reach of your posts to a broader audience. 


Posting Content at the Right Time

 The timing of the posts can significantly affect the follower count on Instagram. Analyze the time and occasions, and post contents accordingly. The ideal timing of your posts will attract more traffic to your profile. 


Try to Attract Your Competitors’ Followers

 Amidst the immense competition on social media platforms, competing with other influencers on social platforms is pretty standard. A popular way to boost followers on Instagram is to attract your competitors’ followers. Engaging more with the users following your competitor can increase your follower count on the platform. 


Apply Geotags to your Posts

 Geotags are a feature on Instagram that allows users to post the geo location along with the contents. It is an extraordinary way to engage with your followers as they can relate your posts to the locations. Also, the locals of the area can get attracted to your posts. So, it is always advisable to apply geotags to attract local followers to your list. 


Launch Loyalty Programs for your Followers

 Organizing loyalty programs can attract more users to your profile and your businesses if you are using Instagram for business purposes. Loyalty programs allow the users to gain added perks for following the profiles. It is a unique strategy that many influencers running businesses on the platform follow. 


Organize the precious Story Moments on Highlights

 Stories do not allow the users to showcase the moments for more than a day. However, if you want to showcase and share the moment with your followers forever, you can organize the story on highlights. With the highlights feature, users can easily engage with your precious moments. Users often tend to follow pages with numerous highlights.  


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for more Followers

 Asking for followers is never a shameful thing for an influencer. Instead, asking for more followers while engaging with your audience can create a sense of closeness in the users’ minds. Celebrities and followers often use the technique to boost their followers count. 


Organizing Giveaways

Giveaways are among the most popular strategies to attract users to a particular Instagram page or account. Setting small challenges for the users and awarding them prizes is an excellent way of getting followers on Instagram. 


Posting User-Generated Content and Posts on your Feed 

 User-generated posts are the posts created by the audiences and followers of the influencers and celebrities. Posting such Content on your Instagram feed will make a positive impact on the minds of your followers. As a result, more users will follow your Instagram handle. 


Using Instagram Live to Engage with your Audience

 The live feature is available on almost all social media platforms. Using the live feature to engage directly with the audience can significantly enhance your popularity. It is the main reason that influencers often organize Instagram live to engage with their audiences. 


Opt for Paid Promotions

 Paid promotions by influencers and celebrities can attract many audiences to your Instagram handles. So, it is a proven strategy many users follow to gain more followers on Instagram. Many  bloggers or influencers opt of paid followers on Instagram 


Boost the Popularity of your Instagram Account via your Acquaintances 

You can promote your Instagram account yourself with the assistance of your acquaintances. Your close ones can play a pivotal role in enhancing the reach of your Instagram handle. Use the strategy to gain instant followers. 


Be Social and Authentic

Though strategies can play a pivotal role in gaining huge followers on Instagram, the prime strategy to build a solid follower base is to be social and post authentic Content for the followers. It will have a positive impact on your followers count.

These are the top 17 popular techniques that will surely assist you in gaining a massive follower base on Instagram.


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