9 Ways to Help your Instagram Grow Organically


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Instagram has got a worldwide user base, and thus, promoting a brand via this platform shall surely turn out to be the wisest decision for you. It can take your brand to its next level and let the audience know about its presence. Do you intend to grow your Instagram organically? Well, everyone wants to, but not everyone is skilled enough to get it. You would have to follow many tips to gain more followers and grow your Instagram handle dedicatedly. Let us learn more about these tips below: 


Categorization: Start by categorizing your audience based on various factors such as age group, geographic location, and main interests. This segmentation allows you to create targeted content that resonates with specific groups. Suppose your product is specifically designed for young adults. In that case, it is important to customize your content to align with their preferences and integrate elements that resonate with this particular demographic.

Communication: Communication is key to building relationships with your audience. While it may not be possible to speak to each individual directly, you can utilize indirect methods such as Instagram Stories and posts to engage with your followers. Use interactive features like polls, questions, or quizzes to gather insights about their interests and preferences. This valuable information will help you refine your content strategy.

Competitor Analysis:
It is crucial to monitor your competitors closely as it allows you to gain valuable insights into the industry landscape and maintain a competitive edge. Regularly analyze their posting strategies, content themes, and engagement levels. Pay attention to the comments on their posts to gain insights into what their audience finds appealing. This analysis will enable you to identify opportunities for differentiation and innovation within your niche.

Avoid Buying Followers: Avoiding the practice of buying followers is recommended for sustainable and authentic growth on Instagram. While it may seem tempting to purchase followers for an initial boost, there are several reasons why it is more beneficial to focus on organic growth strategies instead.

Planning For Gaining Followers 

Gaining followers on Instagram requires a combination of strategic planning, engaging content, and active community management. After recognizing your notable target audience, now is the time for you to start working on your content plan. You don’t have to post anything just for the sake of posting it. It would not benefit you but, in turn, decrease your credibility. Thus, it will be significant that you plan your content well in advance before posting it finally. 

Support similar accounts: 

You should always follow some accounts which are similar to yours. It is one of the best ways to attain some exposure. Comment and like their post, and make sure that you are genuinely doing these activities instead of letting a bot do them. Taking out half an hour from your daily schedule for these activities would prove to be the best help for your IG. 

Use hashtags

Usage of hashtags has always been considered the best tactic to get more followers. You don’t need to use the absolute limit of 30 hashtags as assigned by Instagram. Instead, you can search for some relevant hashtags and use them. In Instagram, it’s not the quantity but the quality of hashtags that matter. Those hashtags must truly reflect your content. 

Use other channels

You should always promote your official Instagram account on your other social media channels. These might be Tumblr, LinkedIn, or Facebook. You can also try out adding a widget to your official Facebook Page that can embed your IG data in your Facebook as well. Also, you can share all your IG stories via your Facebook accounts as well. Add your notable Instagram icon to your signature so that everyone gains access to your IG account whenever you send them any mail. 

Geolocation Tagging

If you are posting from any Instagrammable place, make sure you make the best use of geolocation tags. Even if you use the image or repost any content, you should add the concerned owner in your captions. Hopefully, you will get the same credit in the future. You need to work with mutual interests so that both sides benefit from each other’s actions. 

Try out new stories features

Have you started using the newly added features to Instagram’s stories? Make your content feed as beautiful as you can, and this can be possible by the new features in Instagram. You can try on face masks, stickers, new filters, and reels and use them for your content. Create a poll and let the audience decide the best for you! These are some of the essential tactics to engage your audience and communicate with them as well. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the most demanded and looked upon tactics for your IG handle’s organic growth. Via it, you would be able to get a repost or mention from another account of a renowned personality. This way, your audience and the influencer’s audience would get to know about your brand. Finding the right influencer for your brand might be tricky, but the results are worth it once you get one. 

Get featured

Another hack to ensure profitable Instagram growth is none other than getting featured on large accounts. It would require a lot of homework, but once you attain it, your organic growth would shoot up in no time. For that, you need to make a list of the majorly renowned Instagram accounts related to your niche. Once done, start using their hashtags and also tag them in your captions. It would help you get noticed. You will also find their respective email in the bio. Take advantage of the same and introduce yourself and your brand to them.


Having lesser Instagram growth despite so many activities shall give you a devastating feeling at times! But, you don’t have to lose hope since good things take time. Make sure you are following the tactics that we have mentioned above! All you need is patience! Keep on following these tips daily, and you will surely start witnessing favorable results with no hassle. 

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