Innovative Techniques of Gaining Massive Followers on Instagram via Collaborations


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Most of us are addicted to social media platforms nowadays. Social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, etc., allow us to share our precious moments with our near and dear ones. It is the main reason users from all age groups are addicted to these social media platforms. Followers play a critical role in these social platforms. The greater the number of followers, the higher your reputation would be. It is the main reason that most users on these social media platforms are obsessed with gaining followers. Various techniques are there to gain massive followers on these social platforms. One of the most popular ways is collaboration. Here we will discuss some innovative techniques to gain followers on Instagram via collaborations.

Top Innovative Techniques to Gain Followers on Instagram via Collaborations


Opting for the Right Businesses and Influencers to Collaborate With

The influencer or business you are collaborating with plays a significant role in gaining followers on Instagram. The right way to collaborate with businesses and influencers is to opt for the ideal ones. The businesses you are collaborating with should depend on your followers’ liking. Since engagement with the followers is the ultimate goal, it is always an excellent option to collaborate with businesses and influencers that your followers like and support. Better the engagement with the audience due to collaboration, the higher the chances of gaining a massive follower base on Instagram. It is a technique followed by numerous influencers and celebrities across the globe.

Create and Post Content along with Influencers on Your Instagram Feed 

Co-creation of posts and reels with influencers is a great strategy to attract huge audiences. Followers often like collaborated content and reels. The strategy is very effective as it draws the attention of massive users on the social platform. Instagram offers a feature named Instagram Collab. The feature allows the users to collaborate live with the influencers and other businesses. By collaborating live on Instagram, the users can also engage with the content creators. It is a great strategy to enhance the quality of engagement between the user and the followers.

How to Implement the Instagram Collab Feature? 

The Collab feature on Instagram can be implemented easily by the following steps-

  • First, create and upload a post from your profile.
  • While sharing the post, tap on the Tag People option.
  • Once you tap on the Tag People option, select the Invite Collaborator option.
  • The Invite Collaborator Option will allow you to send an invite for collaboration with your post.
  • Once the collaborator receives and accepts the invitation, the post you shared on your feed will show the collaborator’s user name along with your username.

These are the simple steps to invite and engage an influencer along with your posts on the Instagram feed.

Invite Guests to Join Instagram Live  

Instagram Live Room is an excellent feature as it allows the users to collaborate live with the influencers in the presence of their followers. The Live Room feature is a prevalent feature on Instagram that draws enormous attention from audiences and followers. The concept of Live Room is to enhance the engagement of the audiences with the followers. So, if you want to gain some instant followers on Instagram, opting for Instagram Live Room is one of the finest strategies you can opt for.

Steps to Invite and Collaborate with an Influencer on Instagram Live Room

Here we will discuss the steps required to collaborate with a user or influencer on Instagram Live Room.

  • To begin with, remember while going live on Instagram, check if you have a stable internet connection.
  • The initial step to set up a live room is to select the Live Option.
  • Once you are live and followers can interact with you, choose the add guest option to collaborate with a user or influencer.
  • Once users accept the invitation, you can interact live in the presence of the audience and followers.

These are the simple steps to set up a Live Room on Instagram. One golden tip to encourage and engage more with the audiences and followers is to interact with them and the collaborator. It will enable the users and followers to engage more in the live session.

Use the Instagram Guide Feature to Collaborate More with the Influencers

Instagram Guide is a feature that not many people are aware of. The guide feature allows the content creators and users to create and add commentary to the in-app magazines. It is a great strategy to boost your presence on the social platform. The best feature of these guides is website links, content links, etc., can be attached to them. So, the followers can easily redirect to the pages or social handles linked with the guides. Instagram avails different forms of principles to assist the content creators in creating guides based on the domains and requirements. Some of the most popular forms of guides are Post Guides, Places Guides, and Product Guides. The feature is an excellent option to show your presence and gain followers on your Instagram handle.

Steps to Create a Guide and Share it with Audiences 

Here we will discuss the steps involved in creating a guide on Instagram and share it with the audience.

  • Select the + button on the right top corner of your profile.
  • Tap the Guide Option and select the type of Guide you want to create.
  • Add description, links, cover photos, etc., to your Guide.
  • Share it on your feed, stories, etc., so followers can engage with your guides.

These are the steps by which you can easily create a guide on any niche and post it on your Instagram handle. It is a great strategy to engage more with your audiences and attract more followers to your profile.

Wrapping Up

These are some proven strategies related to collaborations that you can implement to gain followers on Instagram. The methods mentioned above will help to engage and add followers effectively.   


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