Unlock Verification on Instagram and Facebook with Meta Verified: India Pricing Details


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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has introduced its subscription-based verification system in India, similar to Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, Meta has decided to preserve the verified status of legacy accounts and will not remove them now that the paid subscription plan is being rolled out. This new feature, called Meta Verified, is accessible to both iOS and Android users.
What is Meta Verified and what are its price and benefits? Meta Verified functions as a subscription-based authentication system, mandating users to furnish a government-issued identification for the purpose of verification. Subscribers benefit from protection against impersonators and receive dedicated account support. Currently, account support is available in English, but Meta plans to expand it to include Hindi shortly.

What is the Cost in India ?

In India, the cost of Meta Verified is set at Rs 699 per month for Android and iOS users. The company has also announced its intention to make Meta Verified available on the web for a monthly fee of Rs 599 in India.

How can users obtain Meta Verified?

In order to qualify for the Meta Verified subscription, individuals must be of legal age, which is 18 years or above. They need to select the profile they wish to have verified and proceed to set up their payment method. As part of the verification procedure, users will need to furnish a government-issued identification and complete a selfie video submission to authenticate their identity. Meta emphasizes that the provided ID must match the profile name and the photo of the Instagram or Facebook account is verified. Once a profile is verified, users will not be able to change their username or date of birth without going through the Meta Verified subscription and verification application process again.In the event that an account does not successfully pass the verification process, the user will be issued a refund for their payment.

What happens to legacy accounts?

As mentioned earlier, Meta has chosen to retain the verified badge for accounts that were verified before the introduction of Meta Verified. As stated in the company’s blog post, these accounts underwent a comprehensive authentication procedure and possess a higher susceptibility to impersonation compared to the average user. Hence, it is crucial to preserve the verified badge to safeguard these accounts and protect the individuals who interact with them.


In conclusion, Meta’s introduction of Meta Verified brings a subscription-based verification system to users of Instagram and Facebook in India. Unlike Twitter, Meta has chosen to retain the verified status of legacy accounts, providing continued protection against impersonation. With Meta Verified, users can enjoy the benefits of account support, safeguarding their online presence from potential threats. By requiring a government-issued ID for verification, Meta aims to enhance the authenticity and security of user accounts. Although a monthly subscription fee applies, Meta Verified offers a valuable solution for users seeking a verified and protected social media experience. As Meta continues to evolve its services, users can expect further enhancements and language support to cater to the diverse Indian user base

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