Top 10 Effective Ways to Get Better Leads on Instagram


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If you’re looking for answers on how to get more leads on Instagram, your search here is over. Most social marketers don’t think that Instagram is much of a platform to generate higher leads. However, if they properly do things, individuals can achieve way better leads on Instagram. There are several ways to attain leads on Instagram for potential customers interested and who want to provide information, as 80 percent of the accounts follow a business on Instagram. It is a pretty good number for any marketer to check. 

Ways to get leads on Instagram

You can use these fantastic tactics mentioned below to get better lead generation on Instagram

  • Utilize the feature of Instagram lead ads

The main tactic to get a good amount of lead generation is Instagram lead ads. Suppose you’re a real estate agent and want to get familiar with any house buyers. You can use lead ads for that. It is an excellent way to have the details of a buyer in your hand without any hustle-bustle. The information includes phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and Birthdates. In addition, you get to learn about the different marketing campaigns. If we talk about how to get started with Instagram Lead ads, you’ll need to create a business account on Instagram, and then the process of Instagram lead ads is pretty straightforward. However, there is an additional need for a Facebook page as well. 

  • Adding action buttons will be a great help for your account.

The business account allows you to get action buttons on your account that mean a straight link to your email address, phone number, and residence address. That way, anyone who just visited your profile can do so in just one touch if even thought about contacting you.  

You can even add buttons to Book, Reserve, and Get Tickets. These buttons are the gateway to different Instagram providers that you will choose for your business, including Appointy, Eventbrite, OpenTable, Resy, Kicksta, Buyfans, and Spectsocial, etc. 

How to add an action button? 

Adding buttons to your profile is easy. First, click on edit profile, then tap contact options. After that, tap an action button and choose the button you want to prefer. 

  • Using the link in your bio option to its full potential

The number of real estate is already very low, so you should optimize the link space in the bio. 

It would help if you used that area to objectify your point in general. What is the motive of your work? If you mentioned that, you would be golden. It can include any surveys, newsletter subscription, or product sale. 

Always utilize your brand name in the link and try to make it as crisp as it can be. In addition, to get more attention, you can post a story on Instagram, which will tell people that you have updated your link in the bio. Make sure you put call-to-action just above the bio link. 

  • Deliver your message by making a good landing page

Suppose someone just clicked your link. Yay! However, they don’t like the page at all, and then you will ruin your hard work in a second. That is why you should have an excellent page to back you up. 

The page should be able to convey your message innovatively and attractively. Individuals who visit your site should also have an excellent visual experience and nothing besides the content an individual finds. Your page should be able to provide what your call-to-action says.

  • Swipe-up feature on Instagram

This feature is an attractive way to reach a higher-level audience. If anyone has an account with more than 10,000 Instagram followers, they should keep this feature in mind. If you still do not feel confident enough about this feature, you should know that businesses have more than one-third of Instagram story views. If we talk about how to add a link to Instagram stories, here is your answer: 

  1. Create a story by simply tapping on the plus sign at the top left of the profile icon. 
  2. Click the chain icon and add the link to your story. 
  • Creative and robust post that compliments your content

One of the most innovative towards the lead generation is to use creative tagalongs for your content. Several small phrases, such as click on the link below, swipe up, etc., can be good to compliment your content. 

  • Try to create shoppable content. 

Creating shoppable content has two significant advantages: it will increase the sale of that particular product, and a buyer can also generate a lead for the business. So, you are getting somehow good both ways. Around 130 million individuals tap at shoppable content in a month, which means Instagram shopping has received plenty of interest. However, you should make sure that your account is eligible for this or not.

  • Connect with a social media influencer

Several influencers have a good amount of followers that can help you reach a higher level of audience. However, it would help if you chose an influencer who has the target audience of your product or particular business. For, e.g., if you have a business of steroids, you should contact Beer biceps, which specializes in this area and has a good amount of followers. 

  • Instagram contest

Another spectacular way to get more leads on Instagram is to promote through a contest or sale offer. If you have any attractive offers to back you up, you will unimaginably reach a higher audience. The more attractive offers you have, the more leads you will get. 

  • Try to feature innovative products 

Instagram itself explains this point because it is an important one. You should check the insights provided by Instagram to get the best results and post your innovative product regularly. That way, you will remind your audience of your product daily. 

Wrapping up

Hence, these points can be valuable to anyone who wants to generate leads on Instagram. It is a fantastic platform with a vast amount of benefits that can help you grow your business. However, you will need to consider the pointers mentioned above to use it at its full potential. 

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