5 Tips to Get a Shoutout on Instagram


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Social Media Marketing is growing at a fast pace, and if you are involved in any type of e-commerce business, Instagram will prove to be the best way to sell your product or services online. The app tends to bring a lot of traffic and engagement at your tips if you have an Instagram page with a lot of followers. It creates other business opportunities for you also. Posting right and consistent content on your page is the first step of increasing followers. The next step is to make that content reach more and more people, which helps the page grow. Running ads on Instagram can be a bit costly. If you want to gain followers on Instagram without spending a lot of money, IG shoutout is the best option to go for. 

IG Shoutout or Insta Shoutout is nothing but a simple process where an Instagram user provides a shoutout on his page or profile through a post or story asking his followers to check out your Insta page and vice-versa. You can give and take shoutouts from any profile using your personal links, or you can just approach them and agree on terms of shoutouts. It is to note that the process is not as easy as it might look. You will have to follow some tips to gain followers, but you need to know about the shoutouts in detail before discussing the tips.

There are many types of Instagram Shoutouts Like:

  1. Paid Shoutouts: Where you pay a largely followed Instagram page to promote yourself.
  2. S4S: It is a relatively simple trade where you agree with a certain user to get a shoutout from him in exchange for giving him a shoutout on your profile.
  3. Voluntary shoutout: It is a sort of gift from the people giving you a shoutout just because they find your content really impressive. It involves no trade of any kind.

There are no such predefined ways or steps to get these shoutouts and increase followers. That being said, there can be a few tips to get a shoutout on Instagram.

  1. Choose an Instagram user for S4S Wisely: You have to keep a few things in mind while choosing the Instagram user with whom you want to trade for shoutouts. The first thing to discern is that you both should have the same number of followers, and the content and the vibes of the profile should be similar to yours. The next thing is to check the genuineness of the followers and make sure that he has not purchased the followers. The profile should be clean and free from all kinds of poor influences. Checking all these things will increase the chances of them agreeing to an S4S. 
  2. Choose the right way to approach them: You should look more professional when you approach them through a provided email or via direct message. You should engage with their content also before contacting them so that they believe you genuinely like their profile. And do avoid spamming comments in their posts. The spamming of comments or messages might irritate them, and you don’t have to be that person. Prepare a nice message to start the conversation, present what you have to offer to them, and then wait for them to respond. You can try to provide free services or products along with the shoutout if you really want a shoutout from them. 
  3. Should you go for the paid shoutouts?: The paid shoutouts can be a little tricky to go for. It is an easy option to reach more people and gain more followers. You can avoid wasting the time and effort required to get that level of reach. Still, the problem with this option is that there are a lot of fake profiles that offer a paid shoutout but end up giving you fake or dead page followers, destroying the current organic engagement. You should avoid falling into the cunning ways of those counterfeit people and ensure the reliability of the page. Promoting your posts via boosting will help you a lot more than buying some fake shoutouts if you even have a doubt about these pages.
  4. Choose the correct hashtags: Hashtags are the heart and soul of Instagram. You will have to use them at every step to stay in the limelight and increase your followers. Choosing the proper hashtags for specific content and the audience is quite necessary. Along with that, you can use these hashtags to find the right Instagram users to get a shoutout. Finding the best trending hashtags that are relevant for your profile as well is essential. These hashtags will help you find the popular profiles that you can approach for shoutouts. Otherwise, it will be a very long process to find the right pages for you.
  5. Shoutout apps: This is also an easy and fast way to track down the Instagram profiles and find the correct ones to receive a shoutout from. You can search according to the categories and sort them according to the number of followers or the engagement level. These apps make the whole time-consuming process really easy. But you can go for this option only if you have a small budget to spend as these apps are paid. You have to decide the worth of these apps on your own and spend only if required. 

Wrapping Up

Apart from this some user prefer to buy Instagram followers but  these tips will ensure you a fruitful shoutout resulting in the gain of a lot of followers. This can take time to notice the response initially, but it will start kicking at a higher rate as you move forward. The shoutouts are just one of the many ways to promote yourself on Instagram. So, don’t get demotivated if you don’t get shoutouts or followers from these shoutouts. You can try other available ways and keep gaining engagement. 

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