How to Set up and examine your Instagram Business Profile


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Do you utilize Instagram for business purpose?

Wondering, whether or not an Instagram business profile is ideal for you?

Doing the change to an Instagram business profile will give you access to various features that entrepreneurs may discover helpful.

In this article, you’ll find what marketers need to be aware about the new Instagram business profiles.

Access your Instagram Business Profile

To make sure that you have the access to new Instagram business profile, make sure you have the latest version of the app. Now go to your Instagram app, and click on your profile photo at the bottom right.

Now, at the top right click settings wheel icon.

Now if you are able to see Switch to the Business Profile, it is then confirmed that you have the access to the new Instagram Business Profile.

Set up Your Instagram Business Profile

Click on the option that shows ‘Switch to Business Profile’. Now, you can view the Features Link to learn about the features that you can get with the new business profile.

Now from here, you will be able to go through the screens that will instruct you to use your business profile to-

  • Connect to the Facebook Page
  • To add a phone number, location, emails so that customers can reach to your website directly by clicking on the button on your profile.
  • See how your posts are performing and learn about your followers
  • Grow your business by creating promotions.

When are fully prepare to make the switch, you can click on the blue button connect and continue with your Facebook Business Page.

Now you need to enter the contact information of your business, and Instagram will automatically sync the details with your Facebook Page. However, you can select to use this information and if you do not want you can remove the information.

Now you can simply explore your Business profile from the viewpoint of a Visitor.

Explore Instagram Insights

View at the top right of your newly created business profile just at the next of the settings wheel icon to have access to the Instagram insights. The Bar Graph Icon will enable you to surf through the Instagram insights.

Now once you post something to your new business profile, the details such as impressions and reach from the posts and number of clicks will be presented to you.

Promote Posts with the Help of the Instagram App

Do you wish to get more reach for your posts?  You can promote the posts with the help of Instagram App. To promote the post, you simply need to tap on the Promote Link.

  • Select, Call to Action Button.
  • Now give the link of the landing page.
  • Set your audience, budget as well as duration for the promotion.
  • Review the settings of promotion and set up payment method and submit the promotion for review.

Once the promotion is accepted, the promotion will start running depending upon the setting and configuration.  

Once the promotion is live, you can click on ‘view the insights link’ to view if the post is still running and what is the performance.

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