New Ranking Factors for Feed Posts on Instagram


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Looking to have a deeper understanding of the crucial elements that determine the Instagram post reach of your content? Instagram gave a thorough breakdown of the many parameters company takes into account when determining how to rank feed posts, Stories, and Reels in each user’s feed last year. Now that Instagram has released some brief summaries of those elements, you may keep them in mind as you develop your platform strategy. Now before jumping in, we should first get an understanding of the Instagram algorithm:

So, what does the Instagram algorithm look like?

A set of guidelines is known as the Instagram protocol, and it is used to categorize data on the platform. The content and order in which it appears on everyone’s Instagram feed, the Discover Section, the Reels feed hashtag pages, etc. are all chosen by it.

The algorithm scrutinizes each file that is submitted to the Instagram website. It takes into account interaction metrics, hashtags, and metadata (including image captions and alt text). It disseminates information based on this knowledge so that everyone may easily access the material people would be most inclined to watch.

In order to provide the appropriate material to the appropriate individuals, the Instagram algorithm, to put it simply, compares information about content with information about users (interests on the site).


What rules govern the Instagram algorithm?

As soon as a user starts the app, the Instagram algorithms comb through all material and decide what to display to them (and in a particular order).In 2022, the Instagram algorithm’s three primary ranking factors are:

Do the audience and content creators have a commitment to one another?

Do you send each other messages or comments? If you have previously interacted with a user regularly, people are often more likely to see newly submitted content by them. (This information is vital for businesses to understand: Interactive group management, which includes responding to comments and direct messages (DMs), can boost a brand’s visibility on Instagram.)

Is this kind of content often interacted with by users?

The Instagram protocol will show a user more of the same content when it detects that they appreciate a particular type or format of it. Instagram assesses the “relevance” of each piece of post. This entails examining how it corresponds with trending topics and taking its timeliness into account (the latest content pieces are valued more than old content pieces).

Additional Instagram evaluation standards comprise:

 Usage intensity: If a person doesn’t use Instagram regularly, if they do choose to explore the app, they will only view the most relevant content. This suggests that in a user’s feed, relatives can take precedence over enterprises.

How many users does a person follow? More accounts fight for space in a user’s feed the more accounts they follow.

Session length: If a user uses the app for a relatively short period of time, they are likely to only see postings from friends and family that they connect with frequently, which makes it more challenging for businesses to appear in their feed.

The following are the main ranking criteria for feed posts and Stories:

Information about the post: These are indicators of how well-liked a post is, as well as less important details about the content itself, such as when it was posted, how long a video it is, and what location, if any, was associated with it.

Information on the poster: This tells us just how fascinating the person posting could be to you, and it contains hints such as how regularly people have connected with somebody lately.

Your effort: This enables us to see which topics you might be engaged in and includes indications including the number of postings you’ve enjoyed.

Past interaction with the audience: With our understanding of how interested you are in viewing posts from a certain individual comes from your past interactions with them. One illustration is whether you leave comments on one other’s blog entries.

As Instagram tries to compete with TikTok, Reels has its own algorithm. The TikTok app’s algorithm is very responsive to customers’ preferences as you browse through it and will quickly adjust to offer you more of the things you’re fascinated by. Instagram is also developing its Reels algorithm in a similar manner. Reels’ focus components have been rearranged so that, as opposed to the main feed, where the post’s author and its details come first, the focus element that is most important to you is now your activity in the Reels stream. Your recent liking, commenting, and interaction with reels are among the factors we consider. These indicators help us identify the types of data that may be of value to us.


Your previous interactions with the individual who uploaded: Although it’s likely that you haven’t heard of the person who made the video, if you have, that interaction with them before informs everyone how intrigued one might be by anything those who posted. This is similar to Explore, where it’s likely that the individual who posted the item was anonymous.

Details regarding the reel: The audio track, understanding of the movie based on pixels and whole frames, and viewership are all signs of the video’s content.

Information about the poster: To help us identify fascinating content from a diverse range of people and offer everyone an opportunity to reach their audience, we take into account popularity.

What might affect the Instagram post ranking in the feed?

Other factors than the interest score may influence which content piece pops up on a person’s default page. These include:

  • High-quality photos and videos
  • Authenticity (i.e. if Instagram has already posted the material there.)
  • Watermarks (Have a significant role in determining Instagram Views)
  • Instagram community guidelines violations
  • Reported information (This may have an impact on Instagram video views and reels)


Which Engagements Are Most Important to the Instagram Algorithm?

Engaging users is essential, especially on Instagram. Your tendency to click, save, remark on, like, and otherwise engage with an account is taken into consideration. As you arrange your content and subtitles, bear the following in mind:

  • Do you think this post will get many likes or comments?
  • Would someone save the post and come back to this post?

With these brief summaries, Instagram hasn’t offered any new information, but it is important to note the differences, and it might be useful to keep these lists close by while you think about how to improve the performance of your Instagram content. So, we trust that you have an idea of how Instagram’s feed post algorithm functions in 2023. The Instagram ranking factors have changed and so should the way of posting. We trust you got some great value out of this.

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