Important Ranking Factors for Instagram Feeds


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A saying goes like “Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards”. Similarly, social media has emerged as the most popular platform where people can interact with each other, showcase their talent, express their thoughts, share images and videos, etc. Among all, Instagram has managed to be the most popular and most used. Instagram is similar to Facebook and WhatsApp but is more artistic than the other two. Since 2010 the number of users on Instagram has always seen an increase. Instagram offers users features that make it more handy and easy to use. The most striking one is that it pops up the feeds and reels of your interest.

But how does Instagram know about users’ interests, and what determines the ranking factor for feeds, posts and reels? Let us look into these factors in detail.

Social media is the most well-liked medium for individuals to engage with one another, display their skills, express their ideas, share photos and videos, etc. Instagram has succeeded in being the most widely utilised and popular among them.

How does Instagram know your interest?

Don’t you wonder if the reels and posts you see on Instagram are relevant to your interests and if what you seek is there? It usually happens because of the following parameters:

  1. Instagram keeps track of your activity: It keeps track of what you like, the profiles you frequently visit, the kind of reels and posts you want, etc. While some may think this as illegal; it is not, as it does not do anything wrong with your activity.
  2. Time of posting: The time when the post or reel has been posted also impacts the feed. Instagram will not fill your feed with outdated posts; it will only show recent posts.
  3. User’s friends: It also checks the friends and their posts and will show the posts posted by your friends at the top. Therefore, you do not need to look at all the accounts mainly to watch their positions.


Now let’s dive into the details of ranking factors by Instagram

Last year Instagram provided details about what factors it considers while ranking posts, reels and videos for each user’s feed. This has helped the users maintain their accounts how they want. They can standardize and customize their profile and easily see things according to their interest.

Ranking factors for feeds and stories:

Let’s look at the characteristics and brief them.

  • The Post: The most important factor that matters is the post. The type of content affects users. Most people usually like high-quality content. The feed, image or reel content must be genuine and authentic. People now follow profiles that share content related to general knowledge, celebrity news, motivational quotes, etc., because they tend to have some value for the followers. We can determine the fact whether people like a particular content or not by simply checking the number of likes and views.
  • Time: Only recently posted images and videos are recommended. The earlier ones can be found near the bottom. As a result, the time of posting is also crucial for ranking. Instagram keeps adding posts to users’ feeds and shows them between check-in.
  • Friends: Instagram also looks into the user’s friends list and the number of people you follow. It tries to maximise the feed with things about whom you follow and your friend’s posts. The top posts and reels will always be from the friends you follow. Instagram determines your friends based on whom you follow, interactions with friends, and other factors.
  • What you do: The feed is based on your activity, as the content you like, view regularly, follow, and share will be shown at the top. Instagram keeps these things as major factors for ranking posts for users’ profiles. So to maintain what kind of post you want to get recommended from Instagram, keep track of your activities.
  • How long you spend on Instagram: This is also an essential factor in how often and for how long users use Instagram. A person’s profile that has not been opened for months will not show a feed of the user’s interest, instead, random posts will be shown. Those who use it for a short period will get fed off their interest.


So the next time you see what you want, remember Instagram’s ranking factors. Track your activities if you want your account to be more personalized. Keep track of whom you follow, your followers, interactions, friends, etc. These factors have made Instagram a popular platform.   Due to its user friendly features Instagram has been the most preferred social media platform among users.


  • Can I control my feed?
  • Yes, you can manage your feed based on your activities on Instagram. The feed contains posts and videos that Instagram finds of your interest according to its ranking factors.
  • Can I delete any image or video from my feed?
  • Unfortunately, you cannot choose any posts and put them in the ‘not interested’ section. You cannot alter or delete the posts recommended by Instagram.
  • Can I clear the history on Instagram?
  • Yes, you can delete the history on Instagram. Click on your profile, then on your activity and select clear all. Once you confirm it, your account will be deleted and will have an impact on the posts recommended by Instagram.
  • Will my deleted friends and followings affect the posts recommended by Instagram?
  • Yes, you will not get posts from those accounts that you have deleted. Instagram will try to minimise the unfollowed profile effect on your profile.
  • How can I manage the posts recommended by Instagram?
  • It is simple just keep an eye on what you do on Instagram. Given that you cannot change these posts, it is certain. So, the only way is to check your activity.

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