Organic Ways to Get More Video Views on Instagram


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Businesses are continuously looking for methods how to get more views on Instagram. Why? Because more paying customers and new leads result from those views. And that is why these businesses want to figure out a strategy to get more views on Instagram. This article will cover a few strategies to increase the number of views on Instagram for your posts, stories, reels, and profile. Getting organic views on an Instagram video is of utmost importance in today’s digital landscape. Organic views indicate genuine engagement and interest from real users, making them highly valuable for content creators and businesses alike. Unlike paid or artificial views, organic views are an authentic reflection of the video’s quality and relevance, helping to build credibility and trust. Furthermore, organic views can lead to increased visibility, as Instagram’s algorithms tend to prioritize content that generates organic engagement. This heightened visibility opens up opportunities for greater reach, expanded brand recognition, and potential collaborations. Ultimately, organic views not only validate the content creator’s efforts but also foster genuine connections with the audience, fostering a loyal following and sustainable growth on the platform.

10 Ways to Increase Instagram Views

On Instagram, 25 million businesses and more than two billion users fight for users’ attention. Also, connecting with your target market is more challenging due to Instagram’s dynamic algorithm. Now, businesses want more views, but they want more views on Instagram organically, not with some third-party software.

Here are our top ten suggestions for increasing Instagram views:


1 Enhance your Instagram profile

Consider your Instagram account as you may consider the “homepage” of your website when creating your social media strategy. Because your profile is the first thing visitors to Instagram see, it must accurately represent your business and sector.

To increase the number of Instagram views on your account, you can:

  • Using an “Instagram business account” instead
  • Using your organization’s theme as your profile picture
  • Incorporating pertinent links in your bio
  • Composing a bio using keywords relevant to the material you post
  • As your username, give the exact name of your company.

2 Recognize Instagram’s algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is not as enigmatic as everyone claims. Considering how the platform displays and promotes material on users’ feeds and explore pages is relatively straightforward. Understanding Instagram’s algorithm is crucial if you want to increase the number of views on your posts. Instagram bases its promotion of material on the explore page, reels, and in-feed posts on metrics like:

  • How you interact with other accounts on the network is called engagement.
  • Instagram usage patterns of your followers
  • Your behavior: Using Instagram

Use the same themes, keywords, hashtags, etc., as your rivals to draw in a comparable audience if you want your Instagram profile to receive more views. Monitoring your Instagram insights will help you tailor your content approach to the algorithm.

Necessary: Avoid attempting to trick Instagram’s algorithm!

Make sure to avoid dubious strategies if you want more interaction and views. If you use techniques like “follow-unfollow” to increase your following, Instagram can tell if they are phoney. The algorithm will not display your posts on other users’ news feeds if such behaviour is identified, so you won’t be obtaining additional impressions even if the number of new followers is enormous.

3 Make Your Instagram Posts Individual

You must control your speciality if you want more people to read your writings. Whether that niche is in social media, freelancing, entrepreneurship, fashion, or another area, you must tailor your content to your particular industry and target market. Even if sharing high-quality images is a great start, you won’t increase your follower count until you provide material that reflects client values, addresses pain areas, informs, or entertains. Consider what distinguishes you from the competition and begin producing various forms of material on that particular subject.

What must you do to tailor your posts?

  • Notice and recognize the audience you want to have.
  • Find out what your followers like best by noticing and filtering out your most viewed content.
  • Try various post concepts to discover new, interesting content forms and subjects.
  • Depending on the activity of your followers, adjust your publishing schedule.

4 Test out Instagram Reels.

You should know that Instagram is flooded with short-form video content as a digital marketing strategy. Since TikTok has become so popular, most social networking applications are creating variations of short-form video content. Reels are available on Facebook and Instagram, while YouTube now offers Shorts. Instagram Reels must be a part of your video marketing plan if you want to increase the number of views on your account. There are many more chances for a terrific reel than for a typical post, which can significantly enhance your views since it may appear in the news feeds of many more Instagram users.

5 Add additional Instagram Stories.

Posting more Instagram stories is a simple approach to increasing the number of views on your Instagram account. The best part about tales is that they allow for frequent posting without sounding spammy. So, avoid limiting your stories and try out other post concepts to see what interests your audience. Instagram stories can be viewed as a storytelling approach that allows you to display your followers specific moments from your personal or professional everyday life.

6 Share User-Generated Content

Any content developed by an individual rather than a company or “collective” is considered user-generated content (UGC). Four strategies for using user-generated material on Instagram are as follows:

  • Start a trending hashtag and let individuals create their content.
  • Pose a query, request that your supporters share content, and ask them to mention you.
  • Share examples of your social donations to your locality/society.
  • Share customer testimonials to increase the visibility of your nearby company.

 7 Work with influential people

Make sure you interact with other creative artists in your industry or speciality on Instagram to raise your profile’s overall engagement. Collaborations with influencers are another component of a sound marketing plan. And you can accomplish that without spending a sizable portion of your money on paid partnerships. All you have to do to locate micro-influencers in your niche is spend 20 to 30 minutes browsing hashtags and the explore page once a week. Micro-influencers can promote brands for little money and have fewer followers (under 50K).

 8 Post-Shoppable Items

The liquid gold for your account and shop is creating shoppable content. Instagram includes a function via which you may “tag” specific products with a link directly to your store if you want to direct consumers to your online store. As a result, if someone sees your shoppable post, they may click on the image to learn more about the item and then go straight to your website to make a purchase. Shoppable posts can help you grow your audience and your business’s lead generation and sales potential.

9 Mix Up the Variety of Your Instagram Posts

You must post entertaining content to your target base to enhance interaction. Expanding the range of each post is another way to diversify your material, in addition to posting reels, feed content, stories, and videos.

10 Communicate with Your Target Market

In some of the earlier points, we touched on engagement and audience interaction, but addressing it individually is crucial if you want to increase the number of views on your Instagram profile. You can increase the number of views on your Instagram profile by simply connecting with others and reacting to their comments. You can apply these ten tips to get more views on Instagram. We trust you got some great value out of this.

11 Buying Instagram Video Views
When starting out on Instagram, purchasing video views can be a strategic move to boost your initial presence and gain traction. Buying Instagram video views offers several advantages for a new account. Primarily, it amplifies the visibility of your videos, significantly augmenting the probability of their discovery by a broader audience. This increased exposure can lead to higher engagement and attract organic viewers, fostering a sense of credibility and popularity. Additionally, having a high number of views from the start can create a positive impression on potential followers and collaborators, encouraging them to explore your content further. While buying Instagram video views should be seen as an initial boost rather than a long-term strategy, it can effectively jumpstart your Instagram journey and set you on the path to success.


Increasing views on Instagram is a crucial goal for businesses seeking to expand their customer base and generate new leads. Organic views hold immense value in today’s digital landscape, as they indicate genuine engagement and interest from real users. These views validate the quality and relevance of content, building credibility and trust. Moreover, organic views can lead to heightened visibility, expanded brand recognition, and potential collaborations, creating opportunities for greater reach and sustainable growth on the platform.

To increase Instagram views organically, there are several effective strategies to consider. First, optimizing your Instagram profile is essential, as it serves as the “homepage” of your business on the platform. Utilize an Instagram business account, incorporate relevant links in your bio, and use keywords related to your content. Understanding Instagram’s algorithm is also crucial to tailor your content approach. Engage with other accounts, analyze follower patterns, and align your content with audience interests and preferences. However, it is important to avoid dubious strategies that may attempt to trick the algorithm, as they can harm your visibility and reputation.

Creating unique and tailored content within your niche is key to attracting more views. By understanding your target audience and delivering content that reflects their values, addresses pain points, informs, or entertains, you can increase follower count and engagement. Exploring Instagram Reels, short-form video content, and leveraging Instagram Stories are effective methods to enhance views. Additionally, incorporating user-generated content, collaborating with influencers, and utilizing shoppable posts can further boost visibility and engagement. Lastly, actively engaging with your target market, responding to comments, and fostering connections can significantly increase views on your Instagram profile.

While organic growth strategies are essential, purchasing Instagram video views can be a strategic move to amplify your initial presence and gain traction. Buying video views can enhance the visibility of your content, attract organic viewers, and create a positive impression on potential followers and collaborators. However, it is important to view this as an initial boost rather than a long-term strategy.

By implementing these strategies and combining organic growth with thoughtful engagement, businesses can increase their Instagram views, foster genuine connections with their audience, and achieve sustainable growth and success on the platform.


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